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Rob30-3 i:22.30 UNV P71B5
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24.57 Kg
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23.40 Kg

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24.57 Kg
Waga netto
23.40 Kg

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ROBUS in-line helical gearboxes Rob30-3 i:22.30 UNV P71B5

Made in cast iron, with a capacity of up to 4300Nm

ROBUS is the new range of in-line helical reducers of motive, made in cast iron, with a capacity of up to 4300Nm.

Like all motive products, it includes a long motivation list.

Uniquely contoured, rigid, precise, monobloc, cast iron body, base and flange ensure extreme robustness.

Modular design with detachable output flange and foot base allows easy and quick conversion between foot and flange mounting

Except version a, all Robus sizes have a screw-on lifting eyebolt

IEC flange and hollow shaft. Choice of hollow input flanges permits direct mounting of any standard motor

6 interchangeable plugs, including one breather plug and a level plug Please note that the vent plug also allows you to reduce the internal pressure on seals, and thus increases the efficiency of the gearbox

A large top cover in light weight aluminium alloy facilitates the inspection

Various detachable foot bases in solid cast iron make Robus interchangeable with any other gearbox brand

Easy to examine and maintan. Minimum maintenance requirement. All sizes are supplied with long-life synthetic oil.

Unique construction of Robus makes it possible to mount any size in any position. This flexibility is achieved by: + ZZ autolubricating bearings on input and output shaft

The mechanical parts locked in their positions by snap rings and spacers.This also ensures better absorbtion of axial thrust and prolongs the life of bearings

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