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Mot 90S-6 B5 kW0,75 230/400 IE2
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Motori Delphi (PF)
Delphi 90S-4+90S-6+90L-6+80C-4
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12.80 Kg

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Waga brutto
12.90 Kg
Waga netto
12.80 Kg

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Three-phase motor Mot 90S-6 B5 kW0,75 230/400 IE2

IE2, IE3 or IE4, IP55, multi-voltage, multi-frequency, aluminium body, S1

Motive motors are built according to international standard regulations; each size throughout the construction forms is calculated with reference to the tables of standard IEC 72-1.

Motive asynchronous three-phase delphi series motors are closed, and externally ventilated. The frame, up to 132 included, is made in die casting aluminium alloy, from size 160 up to 355 the frame is made in cast iron. All DELPHI motors are:

  • three-phase,
  • multiple voltage,
  • multi-frequency 50/60Hz,
  • F class insulation, (H on request)
  • S1 continuous duty service,
  • IP55 protection (IP56, 66 and 67 on request)
  • IE2, IE3 or IE4 efficiency class,
  • tropicalized winding
  • suitable for inverter power supply

IE2, high efficiency class IEC 60034-30-1
IE3, premium efficiency class IEC 60034-30-1
IE4, super premium efficiency class IEC 60034-30-1

Bearings selected for quietness and reliability and, for the same purposes, the caged rotor is dynamically balanced

The three-phase asynchronous motors of the series are of the enclosed type, with external external ventilation. Up to and including type 132 included, the frame is made by die-casting of aluminum alloy and from type 160 up to type 355, the frame is made of cast iron.

Cable gland can be easily moved on both the sides of the connection box, thanks to the screw cap. The connection box can be rotated of 360° with steps of 90°.

To excel in performance performance, the plates are not are not made of Fe P01 normal iron, but but magnetic FeV, ensuring excellent yields, lower temperature rise, energy savings energy savings and longer life of the insulating materials insulating materials.

From Type 90 onwards, the bearing seats have been reinforced with a steel steel insert, embedded in each die-cast aluminum bearing aluminum bearings.

To guarantee optimum optimum sealing, the terminal box has been cable glands glands and the bearings have been have been fitted with a lip ring to protect protect both sides of the motor.

To protect them from rust, the engines are painted in RAL9006 silver.

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